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1.    Hire Charges are calculated at the weekly rates set out in the current price list. All hires will be charged for a period of one or more weeks irrespective of whether the goods are in use or not.     

2.    A week is defined as being 7 days.      

3.    All payments to be settled within the terms, after which late payments will be chargeable.  Weekly interest at 2% accumulative, dating back to the invoice date will be charged on late          payments until payment is received in full.      

4.    The hire commences and ceases on the dates given in the written order.      

5.    The equipment hired will be entirely at the Customers own risk during the hire period, and the Customer will be responsible for insuring all equipment for any loss or damage. The        Customer undertakes responsibility for insuring all equipment against ‘all risks’ to full replacement value. Any loss or damage to the equipment is to be reimbursed to Bubbles Lighting Ltd by          the Customer.      

6.    If hired equipment is not returned on the date given in the written order, Bubbles Lighting Ltd reserve the right to repossess the hired items and will not be liable for any loss which may be        suffered by the Customer as a consequence of such repossession.      

7.    The Customer will be responsible for ensuring that rules or regulations relating to the equipment hired are complied with. Bubbles Lighting Ltd assumes no liability for consequences of             non-compliance with regulations.      

8.    Bubbles Lighting Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injuries to personnel or damage sustained to property as a result of using the hired equipment.      

9.    Equipment hired must not be modified or altered by the Customer in any way, in particular, cables must not be cut or rewired. Any equipment found to be modified or altered including        missing lamps and components will be charged for at full replacement cost.      

10.  The Customer will be responsible for telling Bubbles Lighting Ltd the location of the hired equipment.      

11.  The Customer must not hire out equipment hired from Bubbles Lighting Ltd, unless written permission is given by Bubbles Lighting Ltd.      

12.  Bubbles Lighting Ltd reserve the right to substitute other designs of equipment other than that ordered.      

13.  All equipment hired remains the property of Bubbles Lighting Ltd.      

14.  A deposit will be paid to Bubbles Lighting Ltd for non-account customers, which will then be returned to the Customer on the return of the equipment.      

15.  All lanterns are supplied with a plug, safety chain / bond, hook clamp and lamp.  All cable is supplied coiled with a plug and socket. Spare lamps are provided and must be returned        whether used or not. Blown lamps must be returned for inspection. Lamps not returned will be charged for.      

16.  Bubbles Lighting Ltd reserves the right to change the price list or any item in it, at any time and without notice.          

17.  All orders must be in writing before the equipment is removed from Bubbles Lighting Ltd premises.      

18.  Bubbles Lighting Ltd retain the right to send members of staff to any location that has equipment being hired from Bubbles Lighting Ltd to repossess, examine, repair, or service.      

19.  The title to any goods supplied remains the property of Bubbles Lighting Ltd until full payment has been received.      

20.  All costing's and prices provided by Bubbles Lighting Ltd are subject to VAT at the current rate at the date of invoice.      


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