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Sx Series


The Electro-Voice Sx80 is a compact, two-way, high-efficiency, constant-directivity speaker system for sound reinforcement and monitoring. The small size, high sensitivity and high power-handling capacity of the Sx80 make it an excellent choice for use in studios, clubs, bars, theatres or other applications.

• 8-inch woofer and DH2005 compression driver for great sound and reliable performance

• Constant-directivity 90° x 65° high frequency horn with VariPath™ geometry for uniform coverage

• Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD™) for increased intelligibility

• 175-watt long-term rms power capacity

• Molded-in attachment points allow for use with brackets


Frequency Response (-10dB)  51 - 20000 Hz

Sensitivity 1W/1m  92 dB

Max. SPL / 1m (calc):  121 dB

Coverage: (nominal -6dB) V�  60 �

System Power Handling (continuous/program/peak):  175/350/700 Watts

HF Transducer:  DH2005

Crossover Frequency:  2200 Hz

Nominal Impedance: (Passive)  8 Ohms

Minimum Impedance:  7.2 Ohms

Directivity Index:  9.2 dB

Flying:  Yes

Chassis Size:  8 inches

Speaker Type:  Fullrange, Mid-High, Two-Way

Weight Net:  8.2 kg ( 18.08 lbs )

Dimensions: (HxWxD)  400 x 292 x 222mm (15.75" x 11.5" x 8.74")

Sx80 Data Sheet


The Sx300E delivers better pattern control and projection than typical 90 degree horns, and features proven and reliable EV components, including a DL12BFH cast-frame, 12-inch woofer and DH2010a pure titanium compression driver. With Ring-Mode Decoupling, it delivers accurate vocals, instruments and mids. The Sx300E's rugged, durable, polypropylene enclosure is light, strong, and available in either black or white. Its built-in stand-mount and inserts on the enclosure allow the system to be safely suspended and arrayed using a wide range of optional, cost-effective hardware. The Sx300 can also be used as a floor monitor with F200 attachment, and parallel, Neutrik Speakon input connectors for safe, loss-free connections.


Sx300 Data Sheet