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Adjustable Speaker Stand

32mm heavy duty tripod speaker stand, adjustable between 1200mm and 2000mm.

Fixed speaker stands are avaliable.

Boom Arm Microphone Stand

Fully adjustable boom arm microphone stand, available as tall or short

Table Top Microphone Stand

Table top microphone stand with a weighted base for extra stability.  Ideal for conferences, interviews or DJ’s.

Stereo Bar

Adjustable bar that connects to your microphone stand to allow two microphones to be used on a single stand.


Lighting Floor Stand

Heavy duty H shaped floor stand. Allows fixtures to be used from the floor giving more options for creative lighting.

Powerdrive Ref 40 Stand

A heavy duty, telescopic Tripod. Max Height: 3.5m and maximum load: 40Kg. T-Bar available.

Manfrotto Wind Up Stand

A chrome steel stand with geared column. 2 risers extend simultaneously at an elevation of 4.4cm per handle turn. A safety cable ensures simultaneous retrieval of all sections. 3 sections, 2 risers. 1 levelling leg. Maximum height: 4m, load capacity: 30Kg. Please ask for details of accessories and adaptors.

Manfrotto Followspot Stand

Chrome plated stand. 2 sections, 1 riser. 1 levelling leg. Memory collar included. This stand was named for its low height and high payload allowing the lighting technician to easily follow on actor. Maximum height: 1.4m, load capacity: 40Kg.

Mobil Tech AlpTek 5500 & 6500

Heavy duty winch stand with a maximum height of 5.5m and 6.5m respectively. With a maximum load capacity of 200Kg, this versatile stand can handle most situations. Able to be used on slopes and steps the Alptec has a wide, stable base with adjustable leg braces. Health and Safety Standard BGV C1. Please ask about our range of adaptors.

Tank trap

The Tank Trap provides the means to support a vertical Tube or Scaffold Pole to fly lighting etc. Plate or X style available, plate style requires stage weights for stability.


Trilite Lectern

Our lightweight triangular lectern is smart and perfect for your conference or exhibition. Great for use with our staging for a professional look.

RAT Illuminated Music Stand

An illuminated music stand with fully adjustable lamp and cable management. A solid, highly durable stand that is perfect for schools and amateur dramatic groups.

RAT Conductor Music Stand

The Conductor Stand has a tray large enough for the biggest music score. With a very slim lamp, which can be removed, the musicians get the best possible view of the conductor


Hanging clamp for speakers

Hanging clamps are available to fit our speakers. These can be hung from an existing fixture or using one of our Powerdrive stands (see below).