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Motorola Two- Way Radio

This Motorola XTNiD consists of a 16 channel two way radio. The XTNiD is a robust licence free radio, which is simple and easy to use with a LED backlit display. Ideal for where crew communication is important on large or small sites.

Additional accessories include a remote microphone / speaker and medium weight headsets.

Tecpro Headset & Beltpack

A durable, comfortable headset with a noise cancelling microphone on a flexible steel-reinforced boom.

Tecpro Power Supply Unit

A robust unit, it has three independent circuits and is designed to survive the rigours of use in temporary installations.

Tecpro Speaker Station

This unit contains its own amplifier and combines paging and talkback functions in a single system. Able to be hung on a wall or stood on a table so useful in all capacities.

Useful Equipment

Gooseneck Desk Lamps 25w

A flexible gooseneck lamp that can be positioned where you need it. A heavy-weighted base provides extra stability.

Monacor Megaphone

A sturdy, handheld megaphone with integrated microphone.