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SX Series

SX loudspeakers offer tour-proven performance and reliability. With high power-handling, great coverage, and smooth, consistent frequency response, cost-effective SX loudspeakers are the hard-working, easy-setup solution to your installation and portable system needs. Choose from 175w SX80’s or 300w SX300’s. More Info

JBL Control Pro1

Well balanced sound and exceptional power handling, ideal for recording studios, mobile audio video control rooms, broadcast studios, restaurants, discotheques, and audio-visual applications.

These speakers are perfect for applications where tight corners and tough angles are all too common, combining high performance, compact design and rugged construction into a loudspeaker with unprecedented versatility.  More Info

Yamaha MS101

Ten watts of power with a single 10cm, full-range driver in a bass-reflex enclosure. Smooth response from 75 Hz up to 18,000 Hz. It features independent Low and High EQ controls so the sound can be accurately tailored to the listener's requirements and the acoustic environment. It features full magnetic shielding so they can be used in close proximity to video monitors or computer displays without affecting the picture.

30w TOA 100V Line Horns

Reflex horn speakers are designed for both indoor and outdoor paging applications as well as for background music reproduction.  Also useful for onsite public address systems.

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Need a stand? We have a range of stands and clamps here.

KV2 EX Sound System

The EX system implements the revolutionary 3" NVPD large  format compression driver found in our flagship VHD range of products. This makes for one of the most perfectly  balanced and accurate, compact, 2-way active boxes available on the market today. Complete onboard control  courtesy of electronic crossovers, phase alignment, equalization and speaker protection are all integrated into the amplifier module. Combined with the impressive subwoofers this will provide a powerful sound system that will complement any event.