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Lighting Sound Cable Power Video/AV Rigging Staging Drapes & Flats Special Effects

Multicore & Looms

6 way 3m XLR Multicore loom

6 way 15m Mono Jack Multicore & Stage Box

12 - 4 XLR 25m Multicore inc. stage box

20-4 XLR 10m Multicore inc, stage box

24—8 XLR 75m Multicore inc. stage box and desk spider

4 way 2m Jack - F XLR Loom

4 way 2m Jack - M XLR Loom


2 Core Speakon Cable - 1m, 5m, 10m or 25m

50m Speakon Cable Drum

100m Speakon Cable Drum

4 Core Speakon Cable - 10m, 15m, 25m

Speakon NL4 Barrel Joiners

Speakon NL4 Breakout Box

Speakon NL4 Splitter Box  (3way)

XLR - Speakon Converter

Speakon pin 1-2 Converter

Other Cable & Accessories

XLR Speaker Cable - 10m or 25m

XLR Y Splits

XLR 3 Pin Mic Cables - 2m, 5m, 10m or 25m

Insert Leads

Jack - XLR Speaker

NL4 - Socapex Spider - 8 Ways of Speaker

Jack - XLR Mic/Line Cable

Socapex - NL4 Breakout Box - 8 Ways of NL4

Sound Cables & Accessories