Mac 500

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Martin Mac 500

 The MAC 500 is an automated moving head profile spotlight designed for a 575 watt discharge source. It provides 18 combinable dichroic color filters, nine static and five indexed-rotation gobos, variable iris and focus, rotating three-facet prism, continuous full-range dimming, strobe effects up to 23 Hz, and 16-bit resolution movement. The MAC 500 E is an electronic ballast version of the MAC 500. The electronic ballast provides flicker-free operation, an economic power-saving mode, compatibility with 100 and 120 volt AC supplies, and considerably lighter weight.


 Lamp: 575 W discharge

 Base: GX 9.5

 Approved models: Philips MSR 575/2, MSD 575; Osram HSR 575/2, HSD 575

 Control: automatic and/or remote on/off

Photometrics (Standard)

 Light output (standard lens, MSR 575/2 lamp): 9000 lumens

 Illuminance (lux or fc): 245,826 cd / distance2 (m or ft)

 Diameter: 0.30 x distance

 Field angle: 17°

 Measurement conditions: 230 V, 50 Hz; no color or effects applied

 Measurement source: Philips MSR 575/2

Electromechanical effects

 Color wheel 1: 9 filters + open, split positions

 Color wheel 2: 9 filters + open, split positions

 Static-gobo wheel: 9 replaceable gobos + open

 Rotating-gobo wheel: 5 replaceable gobos + open

 Gobo rotation: indexible, variable speed and direction

 Dimmer/shutter: 0 - 100%, variable flash up to 23 Hz

 Rotating 3-facet prism: in/out, variable speed and direction

 Focus: 2 m (6.5 ft.) - infinity

 Iris: 0 - 85% closed

 Pan: 440°, 32,768 positions

 Tilt: 306°, 45,567 positions

Control & Programming

 Control options: USITT DMX-512, Martin RS485

 Setting and addressing: LED control panel, remote w/ uploader

 Firmware update: serial upload (MUF)

 Pan/tilt resolution: 8- or 16-bit

 DMX speed control: tracking and/or vector

 DMX channels: 12 - 16

 Receiver: Opto-isolated RS-485

 Data I/O: locking 3-pin XLR female; pin 1 shield, pin 2 cold (-), pin 3 hot (+)


 Maximum ambient temperature (Ta): 40° C (104° F

 Maximum surface temperature: 80° C (176° F)

 Total heat dissipation: 2660 Btu/hr


User Manual