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LED Par 64 RGB

This simple LED floorcan is DMX controllable with stand-alone or light to sound mode, 5mm LEDs with 6 Channels. Specifications

Robe LEDForce 7 RGB

Fitted with LED control display for easy setting up the powerful Tri-color and Quad-color LEDs will amaze you with bright saturated colors with no multicolor shadows. Special driving technology ensures flicker free operation while maintaining long 50.000 hours of LED‘s life time. More Info

Force 18

Robe LEDForce 18 RGBW

LEDForce 18 RGBW Par Cans will blind you with powerful light output of 18 x 3IN1 RGBW LED. Superior color mixing with no multicolor shadows and extremely bright beam of 25°beam angle will please any lighting professional. More Info


Point 20 Wireless Core Uplighter

Bright, rich colour from a portable battery powered LED light with wireless control, rated for outdoor use (IP65). Very high brightness 2100 lumens will light up trees, architectural features, marquees & wall-washing. The units connect wirelessly with WDMX using a Master/Slave system to avoid the need for complex lighting desks on-site. More Info

Pulsar Chromastrip 2

Linear strips of colour mixing LEDs designed to highlight architectural features such as windows, doorways, coving or building structure outlines. Sizes available: 300mm, 600mm, 900mm. Specifications

LED Striplight

Our LED striplight is flexible and can be cut every 50mm so you only use what you need. With lots of colours available they are useful in homes, schools, theatrical and commercial settings with a long life and low power consumption. More Info

Pulsar ChromaZone

Provides power and control for the ChromaStrip 2. DMX/PMX digital input with 6, 9, 36, 42 and 46 channel modes, stand alone use without a control desk.

LED 1m Battern

Our 1m LED battern creates a wash light which is perfect for lighting walls, buildings or signs. With the ability to be used outdoors this fitting can be very flexible, especially when daisy-chained together. More Info

Dimmable LED Panel Our 600mm x 600mm 40w LED Panels are bright and easy to hang making them perfect for events or installations, and with a lamp life of over 50,000 hours, they are very economical and great value for money. Come and see our Intelligent Lighting for more LED options.

Showline e-strip 10

Ten cells of homogenized RGBW LEDs deliver a blended wash of colour, emulating the traditional

halogen strip light effect, with reduced power consumption and lower heat output.  The SL eSTRIP 10 can be easily configured to suit your design requirements. Choose the appropriate dimming curve, utilize the in-built chase programs, and mask the beam with the optional barndoor accessory. More Info


Aurora Polaris IP65 LED Wash

The Aurora Polaris features Tri-Colour LEDs for seamless colour mixing. It has built in colour switching, fading and pattern sequencing facilities which are perfect for architectural installations and external applications such as weddings. More Info