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Gobo’s & Animation Disks


A gobo is an etched disc which is place in the gate of a profile spot. Gobo’s can be made from metal, black and white glass or coloured glass. The etched pattern will be projected. It is essential that the correct size gobo and gobo holder is selected for the type of profile spot intended. If there is any doubt please give us a call for advice.

There is a massive range of metal gobo’s available, stars, trees, fire, water, windows, city monuments, maps, flags - the list is endless! Custom gobo’s can be made for an extra charge - ideal for a company logo or a bride and grooms initials.

Glass gobo’s hold more detail than metal ones. You can have as many colours as you like - e.g. for a company logo - however this will be reflected in the price.

Link the logo to see a catalogue of available gobo’s.

Animation disks

The animation disk system consists of a motor unit that rotates a stainless steel disk. Etched metal disks, produced in a variety of patterns, when used in conjunction with a standard gobo, can generate moving visual effects such as flames, waves, ripples, rain, snow and even trees or branches moving in the breeze.

These are only a few examples of the animation disks available, please give us a call for our full range of animation disks.