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Metal Halide Floodlight

Metal Halide floodlights are ideal for security lighting and general external applications. The Metal halide lamp is very energy efficient, the tough die cast aluminium body has a IP65 rating meaning this is totally protected from dust and low pressure water jets,including heavy rain. Metal halides can come in a range of colours. More Info

Metal Halide Low Bay

These heavy duty fittings are generally used in warehouses, halls or retail situations where clean white light is required,

Strand Coda Floodlight

Available as one, three or four compartment cyclorama floodlights with asymmetric distribution, for even coverage of backcloth's and cycloramas up to 20' high. More Info

4 or 8 Lite Molephay

Commonly known as ' audience blinders', Spot Banks are available in various configurations of Par 36 lamps. Designed with ease of use in mind, they feature robust lightweight aluminium construction, semi-gloss black electrostatic paint finish, heavy duty yoke with positive lock off, using a tee bar to enable unit to be set at any desired angle. In addition, each lamp bank will pan independently to alter light effect.

More Info

Enclosed Halogen

Outdoor halogen floodlight, available as 150w, 500w or 1000w. More Info

Sodium Floodlight

 High intensity discharge sodium floodlights, also known as SON and HPS, high pressure sodium. These floodlights emit a soft orange light similar to that of a street light and have a very high lumens per watt ratio making them a cost effective choice. More Info


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This is the simplest type of lantern, consisting of a lamp and a reflector in a box, with no lens. The reflector concentrates the light towards the opening in the box. There is no control over the focusing of a flood, other than its general direction. Some floods have an asymmetric / directional reflector and are designed to light cycloramas. Older type symmetrical floods use standard ES (Edison Screw) or GES (Giant Edison Screw) filament lamps. The newer asymmetrical reflector floods (often called Cyc Floods) use linear lamps (to ensure an even cover across the reflector). Floods are often available in battens (a number of individually-controllable floods in a single box) which can take different gels, so that colour mixing is easier. Floods such as the Coda 4 Batten (4 x 500W linear floods) have four separate cables and units can be daisy-chained together up to the maximum load each dimmer circuit can take.

The most common type of floodlight is the metal halide floodlight, which is a part of the HID (High Intensity Discharge) family of lamps. This type of lamp will produce a high intensity of light for the size of the unit. The metal halide is suitable for a variety of applications such as outdoor lighting, warehouse lighting and industrial lighting in buildings just to name a few.

Sodium floodlights are another range of popular floodlights thanks to their versatility. Choosing a low pressure sodium lamp means that the lamp has a small amount of argon and neon gas along with solid sodium, which is then stored in the glass discharge tube. The lamps usually take a little while to warm up, so you will notice a pink/red glow whilst it warms up until it reaches its full bright yellow colour.