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Par38 Spike Spot

Fully adjustable, waterproof, Par 38 spotlight designed for easy insertion into the earth. These fixtures can be used for highlighting bushes, trees or any landscape feature, and different colour options are available. More Info

Bulkhead Fitting

A study, waterproof fitting which can be used in lots of settings including security lighting. More Info

4ft Enclosed Fluorescent Fitting

A well made, durable light fitting. This waterproof fitting can be used in lots of practical areas such as lighting for catering or in temporary walkways. More Info


Perfect for all year round use, incorporating weatherproof lamp sockets. Our highly durable festoon comes in a range of lengths and your choice of coloured lamps. Ideal for parties, weddings and festive displays etc. More Info

Rope Light

Rope lights are strands of lights which are enclosed in a flexible plastic casing, causing them to resemble strands of rope. Easy to use , waterproof and with no tangles they are excellent for outside displays such as lining paths and walkways. Very useful for theatre use as rugged and quick to install and remove. More Info

External Lighting

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Enclosed Halogen

Outdoor halogen floodlight, available as 150w, 500w or 1000w. More Info

Sodium Floodlight

 High intensity discharge sodium floodlights, also known as SON and HPS, high pressure sodium. These floodlights emit a soft orange light similar to that of a street light and have a very high lumens per watt ratio making them a cost effective choice. More Info

Metal Halide Floodlight

Metal Halide floodlights are ideal for security lighting and general external applications. The Metal halide lamp is very energy efficient, the tough die cast aluminium body has a IP65 rating meaning this is totally protected from dust and low pressure water jets, including heavy rain. More Info

Point 20 Wireless Core Uplighter

Bright, rich colour from a portable battery powered LED light with wireless control, rated for outdoor use (IP65). Very high brightness 2100 lumens will light up trees, architectural features, marquees & wall-washing. The units connect wirelessly with WDMX using a Master/Slave system to avoid the need for complex lighting desks on-site. More Info

Bubbles Lighting has a broad selection of outdoor lighting to choose from, depending on what effect you want to achieve.  Whether you want security lighting for paths or car parks or want to illuminate a statue or feature in your garden we can provide the best lighting for the job.

Aurora Polaris IP65 LED Wash

The Aurora Polaris features Tri-Colour LEDs for seamless colour mixing. It has built in colour switching, fading and pattern sequencing facilities which are perfect for architectural installations and external applications such as weddings. More Info