Emergency Technical

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3 Hour Maintained / Non Maintained Bulkhead Fitting - 16A In & Out

8w T5

3 Hour Maintained / Non Maintained Metal Fitting - Powercon Input

8w T5

3 Hour Non Maintained Twin Heads - 16A In & Out

2 x 20w 12v Halogen

3 Hour Maintained 1m x 1m Large Format Exit Sign - Powercon / 16A In

6 x 8w T5

3 Hour Maintained / Non Maintained 4ft Fluorescent Fitting - 16A In & Out

36w T8

Emergency Lighting Technical

Units are mounted on a backing board with a variety of hanging options, please call for more details.

Adapters available to power the units listed above, examples include:

16amp - Powercon & 16amp Y Split

5m 16amp - Powercon adapter,

13amp - Powercon