Disco Technical

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Disco Specifications


4 head Par 36 Helicopter, Weight: 4 Kg, Clearance: 10.5" x 14"

Tumbling Batten

A 4 sided rotating column which consists of 20 Par 36 single beams, creating a curtain type effect.

Lamp: 12v 30w Pinspot, Output: 600 Watts, Gels can be used to add colour

Power: 2.4A @ 230 VAC, Measurements: 1020 x 430 x 290, Weight: 13 KG  

Four channel Infinity Screen

Input: 230v AC Four Channel (from controller), 2 x Bulgin P552 Sockets

W: 609mm x D: 250mm x H: 607mm, weight - 21Kg

Rotating beacon / fuzz light

Includes 60 watt lamp, blue or red available.

Zero 4001 Effect Controller

A simple controller for use with the effects listed above.