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Single Channel Dimmer

This 2kw unit is ideal for small lighting rigs such as a Followspot or marquee houselights.

Zero 88 Alphapack 3 way Dimmer

With 3 faders for local control and including both analogue and DMX inputs this dimmer is ideal for small applications such as schools, corporate, live music or event lighting.

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Zero 88 6 x 10 Amp Betapack 2 Dimmer

Six channel analogue and DMX power controllers capable of driving up to 10 amps of lighting loads per channel. Click for Manual.

Pulsar 6 x 10 Amp Switch Rack

An analogue switch rack which includes 6 channels of power control, suitable for resistive and reductive loads.

Zero 88 24 x 10 Amp Tour Rack

In addition to the individual dimmer we can supply a complete 24  channel system, installed into a high quality flight case which will withstand any event environment.

Pulsar Zero 4001 Effects Controller

A comprehensive 4 channel effects controller with full dimming capabilities and remote control. To be used with disco effects such as scanners and tumbling batterns. Manual

Zero 88 Betapack 3 Dimmer

6 Channel DMX dimmer supplied 12 backup memories, convection cooled and MCB’s on every channel making it one of the safest dimmers. Ideal for schools, theatres or studios. Click for Manual.

Avolites ART2000

With 48 channel, 12-way dimming, 16 Socapex outputs and 2 DMX inputs, the ART 2000 provides a complete solution for dimming and power distribution for moving lights.

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