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Equipment Production Install Sales


With all the different projects we are asked to supply we have amassed a large range of cable.

Below are examples of the types of cable that we stock, however this list is constantly being added to so please give us a call if there is something specific you would like to hire or buy.

Mains Cable

13amp Cable

13amp Cable with 4 Way Block

15amp TRS Cable

16amp Arctic Cable

16amp TRS Cable

32amp 1ph Cable

32amp 3ph Cable

63amp 1ph Cable

63amp 3ph Cable

125amp 1ph Cable

125amp 3ph Cable

Powercon 1ph Cable

400amp Powerlock Set of 5, 120mm

600amp Powerlock Set of 5, 240mm

Earth Cable, lug - lug

Socapex Cable

Socapex Mains Multicore - 2.5m,5m,10m,20m & 30m

Socapex Male Spiders, 15 & 16amp

Socapex Female Spiders, 15 & 16amp

Socapex - 6 x 15amp IWB

Socapex Splitter (230v/parallel)

Control Cable

Socapex 37 Pin Control Cable

Socapex Control Spider

8 Pin Din Control Cable

8 Pin Din Adapters & Link Box

Twin 8 Pin Din - D Type Converter

5 pin DMX XLR Cable

3 Pin DMX XLR Cable

Pair of 5 - 3pin XLR Converter

Effects 4 Pin XLR Control Cable

ChromaQ 4 Pin XLR Data Cable

Control Loom, 2 x DMX, Coms, 16amp

3 Pin Pyro Cable


IEC 5,13,15 & 16amp Converters

16amp - Powercon / Powercon - 16amp

Powercon Barrel Joiner

15amp 2 Way Adapter - Grelco

15amp 3 Way Adapter - Trelco

16amp - 2 x 13amp Block

16amp Y Splits

16amp 3 Way Splitters

32amp Y Splits

Shuco - 16amp Converter / 16amp - Shuco Converter

125amp 1ph - Powerlock

3ph converters: 16amp - 32amp, 32amp - 63amp & 63amp - 125amp

32amp 3ph Phase Reverser

125amp 3ph - Powerlock


Tails to 63amp 1ph

Tails to 63amp 3ph

Tails to 125amp 3ph

Lug to 70mm2 Powerlock (set of 5)

Lug to 120mm2 Powerlock (set of 5)

Lug - Lug 120mm2 (set of 5)

Lug to 240mm2 Powerlock (set of 5)