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Le Maitre Electric Air Cannon

The Electric Air Cannon is designed to fire streamers, glitter or confetti up to 15 metres, at any angle, with minimum noise. It is particularly useful in venues where pyrotechnics are not an option.

Petal Dropper

These are suitable for use on stage or other situations where there is overhead support. The Petal Dropper can be adapted to hold any type of item, whether it is confetti, glitter or rose petals. Confetti colours may be changed during the drop. It can be switched on and off so it can be used for a number of performances before it has to be reloaded. Width is 6 ft, has various hanging options and comes with a 15 amp plug.

Swirl Confetti Fan

Swirl confetti Fan is designed to create a silent storm of confetti, hung from a truss or ceiling. The Swirl Fan can be easily controlled by connecting the machine to a dimmer or a dimmer pack and using a dmx controller. The Swirl Confetti Fan can be filled up with 2kgs of paper confetti or 3kgs of metallic glitter confetti. When the Swirl Fan is operating at full speed, the machine will fan out the confetti continuously for approximately 1-2 minutes. It’s also possible to fill the machine with paper snow confetti to create a low noise snow effect.

We have a range of confetti, glitter and streamers available in stock, please contact us for prices.

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Air Effects

Air effects are very useful for venues where pyrotechnics are not an option.  With a variety of options of hanging or mounting the air effects can add that spectacular feeling to your event. Multiple options of confetti, streamers, glitter, petals etc make this a very versatile option to give your event that ‘wow-factor’.